Bellaire Public Library

Book Drive Guidelines

Bellaire Public Library Book Drive Guidelines 7/17/19 We are not accepting book donations at this time. 8/15/20. There is a nice selection available for purchase.

We cannot accept book donations at this time: 8/15/20

Book Drive Guidelines:

The following guidelines are helpful when donating books for the annual book sale and resale room.

1. We do not accept books that have been stored for an extensive time in a damp basement, garage, or attic.  The problem is mildew, black dirty looking spots on the books.  Mildew is contagious and could spread to the rest of the the book collection.

2. Books should be in very good condition, preferably like new.

3. We do not accept Reader's Digest Condensed Books.  

4. We do not accept magazines.

5. We do not accept encyclopedias.

6. Understand that anything you donate to our library becomes property and it is up to the library staff's discretion whether to add the book to the collection or sell it in a book sale.

7. Nonfiction books should be current in their content and of general interest.

8. We do not accept textbooks, text book related workbooks.